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Stain-resistant Polo T shirt 50/50


Look always neat and tidy! This polo T shirt is a very comfortable T shirt,  suitable for work and made of 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. It is also stain-resistant!! It has SpotShield™ stain-resistant treatment. One of the most popular T shirts in America! If you happen to stain your shirt, just wash it out with cold water in no time! The stain does not penetrate the fabric.

Stain-resistant fabrics are a great invention, but there are some things to remember when caring for your shirts. Never wash you stain-resistant shirt in hot water, this will break down the stain resistant barrier quicker, reducing the stain-resistant abilities of the fabric. It is also important not to dry you shirts on hot, this will also impede the stain-resistant qualities. You should also only iron stain-resistant shirts when it is completely necessary, heat is basically stain-resistant fabric's worst enemy. Stain-resistant shirts will retain their abilities longest when the care instructions are followed properly. Shirt care instructions are typically printed on the inside label of the shirt.

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