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Shawl & Wrap Cooper, Jasper and Crystals Pin-Eliza K.-JetSet

Eliza K.

Shawl & Wrap Cooper, Jasper and Crystals Pin


Use this beautiful handmade pin to attach your shawl, scarf or wrap. Guaranteed to attract attention!! It is handmade cooper flower with a center made of jasper surrounded by crystals. Size 10 cm/4 inches diametar.

Made in Macedonia by Macedonian jeweler Eliza K. 

Cooper has been used by humans for more than 13,000 years. It was a highly prized metal in ancient Egypt and it indicated wealth and status for the person that possessed it. It was used in jewelry and during spiritual and religious ceremonies. Historically, copper was considered as a grounding metal for human body and spirit and was believed to have protective capacity and was used for talismans and totems. 

Jasper is a semiprecious stone known metaphysically as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. Jasper is sometimes called the "nurturing stone" because of its protective and healing properties. Brown jasper is also called Egyptian marble and was used in Ancient Egypt for jewelry. Native Americans carved it into arrowheads for luck and protection. 

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